The Notebook is the place in Planning Motion where you can add the information you find and want to keep even if you don't have a specific trip in preparation.

When we find something interesting, we go to the notebook and create a new note. 

By doing this, we have everything in one place, we will be able to easily find them, but also to add them to one of our trips in 1 click. 

The notebook in Planning Motion, it allows to:

  • Gather all the information in 1 place 
  • Easily find your information to plan your trips.
  • Copy and send to a trip in preparation in one click, everything you have taken note of

This video tutorial shows how to use the notebook:

What is the use of Planning Motion notebook?

Whether we are planning a specific trip or not, we are always on the lookout for information, and when we come across something interesting we want to keep a note of it.

If it's while surfing on the internet, maybe you're in the habit of bookmarking the website. If it's in a book or it's someone telling you about their last trip, then maybe you make a note on a piece of paper, in a notepad, it could also be in a text message or an email that the person sends you.

The problem is that we have our notes scattered all over the place and obviously it's hard to find them later when we are looking for them.

Planning Motion notebook is the place in the application where you can gather all the information you want to keep in one place.

It is then simple and easy to find this information to plan your trips.