Sometimes, when you plan a trip, the itinerary proposed by Google Maps is completely incoherent and makes a huge detour that seems totally incomprehensible at first glance.

Why is this?

Depending on the moment, Google Maps suggests routes taking into account for example temporary road closures.

When creating a Google Maps route with several stops, Google Maps takes into account the current situation and not the one of the date you plan to make the trip.

These seemingly inconsistent routes occur when you are planning a route while roads are closed, such as in the winter or when a ferry is not operating in the off-season.

So how do you see the route without this big detour?

It is possible to see the itinerary on the date of our trip on a map with only 2 stages.

Contrary to a map generated with more than 2 stages, when we enter only 2 stages, the menu to choose "Leave now" "Depart at" "Arrive by" becomes available.

You select the date when you plan to be there to see if the detour possibly imposed by a road closure or unavailability of a ferry is still there.