Google Maps is a powerful tool, but we need to help it map our route by providing it with the right information about our stops. 

Why doesn't Google Maps plot my route?

There are 2 main reasons why Google Maps is not able to display a route:

  1. Google Maps will not plot the route if the limit of 25 steps at a time is exceeded:
    • The Google Maps map opens but is empty and shows the location where you are geotagged.        
    • No stages are displayed on the map
  2. Google Maps will not plot the route if it does not recognize one or more addresses entered in the Planning Motion steps:
    • Google Maps opens and shows some points on the route.
    • The points are not connected to each other.

Here are some tips to find the problematic address(es) in a few minutes:

  • If there are no points on the Google Maps, then you need to request the map with the maximum of 25 steps at a time.
  • If there are points displayed on the map:
    • Check the addresses displayed in the left column on Google Maps, the error is often obvious.
    • Make sure that you have entered complete addresses. For example, if for a Planning Motion stopover, in the name of the city, you enter only "Paris", Google Maps will not know if you want to go to Paris in France or to Paris in Texas.
    • To make sure that Google Maps recognizes the city or the address, you can simply enter it directly into Google Maps and then copy and paste it into Planning Motion. You only have to do this once and you can be sure that the route will be drawn without any problem.

When Google does not recognize an address, even if it is only 1 of the addresses, the route will not be drawn on the map.


If Google does not recognize one of the addresses listed or is unable to calculate the itinerary then only the points of the addresses will be displayed on the map..

On this map, it is the "Vancouver Island" stage that causes the problem. 

There is no route to this point that Google has associated with this stage and whose address is "Vancouver Island". The Google Map application cannot calculate the itinerary.

To allow the Goggle Map to plot the itinerary, you must change the address or city of this stage in Planning Motion and enter a more specific location. For example Victoria, Tofino or any other location on Vancouver Island, so that Google Map can plot the itinerary.


After creating a few stages, I have my itinerary created on the map. This way, it is possible to see if Google recognizes the addresses or the names of the cities which are entered in each of the stages of my trip.