Planning Motion uses the Google Maps application to display itineraries on a map based on the addresses or cities entered in the trip stages.

Currently, Google limits the number of stages that can be added to an itinerary to 25 at a time.

If the trip has more than 25 stages:

It is possible to still get a portion of the itinerary. You just have to select less than 25 stops before asking to create the map..


A stage will not appear on the map if the address or city field is left blank.

When planning one part of the itinerary at a time, leaving the address or city field blank for a stage can be a solution to reduce the number of stages below the 25 limit.


Personally, for long trips, I prefer to create several trips in Planning Motion.

I usually create one trip for each month. That's fewer stages per trip and I like it better for making itinerary changes from the calendar and also for having a monthly budget.