All expenses entered in a trip are added up in the expenses page.

There are various places in Planning Motion, such as accommodations, where you can enter a price. The selection of a currency is required each time an amount is entered in a price field.

On the expense page, at the top, we can choose the currency in which we want our expenses to be displayed.

All expenses and the total of expenses will be converted into the selected currency at the current rate. 

This rate is only for information purposes to give an approximate idea of the expected travel expenses in foreign currency.

Here are the places where there are price fields that will add up on the expense page:

In the stages section:

  • Stages without overnight stay
  • Accommodations
  • Activities

In the transportation section:

  • Transportation tickets
  • Vehicle rentals

In the travel kit section:

  • Travel documents
  • Health, vaccines and insurance
  • Transportation expenses
  • Meals
  • Technology and telecommunication
  • Guides and documentation
  • Equipment
  • Other expenses